The grant application process begins with a letter of intent and may progress to a full proposal application at the invitation of the Foundation’s Board of Directors. Each organization may submit only one letter annually. Letters of intent must be submitted by August 1st of each year. A cover letter with a listing of the board of directors is required. The letter of intent cannot be longer than two pages and must include the following:

  • Organization name, mission and goals
  • Description of the type and size of constituency served
  • The amount requested and a description of the project
  • Timetable for program implementation
  • Other organizations collaborating in the program (if any)
  • Expected impact from the grant and program
  • How the organization will sustain the program after initial funding
  • Additional supplemental materials should not be included and will not be considered

The Waukesha County Community Foundation will respond in writing to each letter of intent. Following receipt of the letter of intent, the Board will determine if a full proposal is of interest. Organizations invited to submit additional information will be given specific forms and/or questions to complete from the WCCF. Full proposals must seek support for the purpose stated in the approved letter of intent.

Each letter of intent and full proposal will be assigned to the Grants Review Committee to review and present to the Board for action. All organizations submitting full proposals will receive written notification of the Board’s decision during the fourth quarter of each year.

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