Create a Fund

Thinking about starting a fund?

The information on this page will help guide you through the decision-making process.

When to create a fund:

Create a fund now with as little as $1,000, establish a fund in your will, or create it through a trust arrangement that benefits your family as well as the charity.

Ways to give to the Foundation:

Cash, public stock, closely-held stock, bonds, real estate, retirement plan assets, life insurance or other assets are the most common ways to establish a fund.

Deferred gifts, also called planned gifts, are also welcome. Usually such gifts are part of one’s estate planning process. There are many knowledgeable area professional advisors who can help explain these common gift vehicles to you:

  • Bequests, or a codicil, through your will
  • Life insurance cash value
  • Life insurance death benefit
  • Annuities
  • Charitable remainder trusts
  • Charitable lead trusts

Types of Funds

Use the links below to download fact sheets about our various types of funds. All links lead to PDF documents.

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A High Standard for Community Foundations

The National Standards program was established to ensure the values of community foundations are demonstrated through their commitment to legal compliance, philanthropic best practices and excellence that benefits communities. It builds capacity to carry out missions and it makes community foundations distinctive from other types of organizations.