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Thinking about starting a fund?

We are here to help! Read up on the types of funds we offer below or connect with us to discuss which fund might be right for you.

Donor Advised Funds

A Donor Advised Fund (DAF) is a giving vehicle that provides you with immediate tax benefits and allows you to support your charities of choice through grant recommendations on your own timetable. Donor Advised Funds are the most efficient, cost-effective alternative to private or family foundations.

Download a fact sheet about Donor Advised Funds

Donor Designated Funds

A Donor Designated Fund allows you to choose one or more specific charitable organizations to support, after which WCCF will distribute grants to only the organizations you have chosen on a timeline you have selected.

Download a fact sheet about Donor Designated Funds

Agency Funds

An Agency Fund is established by a tax-exempt nonprofit organization or “agency.” It allows the organization to focus on its mission rather than spend time identifying and supervising investment managers. It also helps nonprofits with gift planning and endowment-building to ensure their long-term financial sustainability.

Download a fact sheet about Agency Funds

Restricted Scholarship Funds

A Restricted Scholarship Fund is a scholarship fund where you can select the receiving institution and establish the selection criteria (subject to applicable laws) but do not actively participate in the selection of recipients.

Field of Interest Funds

Field of Interest Fund (FOI) supports a specific area of ‘interest’ that you define. You identify an area of charitable interest – as broad or narrow as you choose – and Waukesha County Community Foundation (WCCF) evaluates organizations that do the best work in the interest area and then makes grants to the organization(s) that best fit your interest.

Download a fact sheet about Field of Interest Funds

Project Funds

Project Funds are non-endowed funds that serve temporary purposes. Contributions are welcome and encouraged.

Download a fact sheet about Project Funds

Unrestricted Funds

Unrestricted Funds provide funds for responding to competitive grant requests serving Waukesha County’s greatest needs as determined by a volunteer Grants Review Committee and the Board of Directors.

Artesian Funds

Artesian Funds require a gift of $1,000 to begin and future contributions to eventually establish Donor Advised, Donor Designated, Field of Interest or Scholarship Fund.

Download a fact sheet about Artesian Funds

Tax and financial benefits

Gifts to the Waukesha County Community Foundation receive the maximum tax advantages for income, gift and estate tax purposes. We maximize charitable assets by offering low fees and fewer administrative burdens than private foundations.

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