Our goal is to make charitable giving easy

Why do our donors give? Hear directly from our fund advisors.

Service and knowledge

The Waukesha County Community Foundation offers services and benefits to our donors. We also provide insight into the community needs and the agencies that can most effectively address them. We oversee grant making to ensure that each grant achieves its intended effect.


The WCCF offers an easy and effective way to support the groups and issues you care about through a gift to a single organization


The WCCF can accept and handle sophisticated gifts, including stock, real estate, life insurance, and personal property. We can assist you and your financial advisor to create a gift plan to meet both your personal and financial needs, and all your charitable intentions.

Tax and financial benefits

Gifts to the Waukesha County Community Foundation receive the maximum tax advantages for income, gift and estate tax purposes. We maximize charitable assets by offering low fees and fewer administrative burdens than private foundations.

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Gift and Fund Acceptance Policy

Below is a summary of our Gift and Fund Acceptance policy. If you have specific questions, or to receive a full copy of our policy, please contact the Foundation office

  • All donations, both restricted and unrestricted, are the property of the Foundation.  Any restrictions placed on donations will be recorded in the Foundation’s gift records as well as the donor’s gift-giving records.
  • All gifts to the Foundation will comply with IRS requirements.
  • No gift will be accepted where there is not obvious charitable intent on the part of the donor. 
  • Complicated potential gifts involving multiple donors, multiple transactions, unusual assets or conditions must be reviewed and considered by our board.
  • Any contribution or expenditure that would endanger the non-profit status of the Foundation will be refused.
  • All non-cash gifts to the Foundation will be accepted if they are in keeping with approved Foundation Administrative Guidelines and Operating Procedures.
    • Any costs associated with a non-cash gift will be the donor’s responsibility, including any valuation or qualified appraisal.

2022 Grants

2022 Grants Awarded

A High Standard for Community Foundations

The National Standards program was established to ensure the values of community foundations are demonstrated through their commitment to legal compliance, philanthropic best practices and excellence that benefits communities. It builds capacity to carry out missions and it makes community foundations distinctive from other types of organizations.