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Kai Lermer

Kai 11 Bill moves to caucus

Family and friends of Kai Lermer, the Waukesha teen who died in 2019 of an undiagnosed heart condition, received good news on March 9 when it was reported that the Kai 11 Bill (LRB-0651) passed the Senate Education Committee and will be moving to caucus by the end of March.

If the bill passes, parents of student athletes will receive information about sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) and the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association will offer parents the option to let their child receive an EKG test prior to being approved to play any sport.

Although Kai had undergone standard sports physicals, EKG testing was not part of the physical exam and would have picked up his cardiac condition, Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome. Kai’s family and friends hope to prevent other youth deaths by bringing awareness about SCA to the general population.

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