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25th Anniversary Initiatives

25th Anniversary Initiatives

A milestone is a perfect time to check the pace, adjust the route, and plan ahead. As we approach the celebration of our 25 years of impact in 2024, we are excited about the future of Waukesha County and how the Waukesha County Community Foundation can fulfill our mission to meet local challenges and improve the quality of life in our community.

Stay tuned for updates in the coming months as we finalize our 25th Anniversary Initiatives.

The Community Grants Fund

When the WCCF first introduced a competitive grants cycle in 2001, we provided awards to four organizations totaling $8,000. Over the subsequent decades, the growth of this fund, along with other contributions, has enabled us to significantly increase our impact. In 2023, we awarded more than $166,000 in grants to 31 nonprofit organizations.

As the Foundation looks ahead to the future needs of our community, we are committed to expanding the funds available for our annual competitive grants cycle. Through our ongoing work with nonprofits and collaborations on county-wide projects, we are acutely aware that the community’s needs continue to grow. You can help us prepare for the next 25 years by making an individual or corporate contribution to the WCCF Community Grants Fund by clicking here.