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At the Waukesha County Community Foundation (WCCF) we know that scholarships mean more than recognition, they mean access to opportunity. For us, education plays a crucial role in accomplishing our mission of meeting local challenges and improving the quality of life in our community. By partnering with generous donors and local education/scholarship foundations, WCCF administers more than 80 scholarship funds supporting the deserving students of Waukesha County and beyond.

Scholarships at WCCF

The Waukesha County Community Foundation oversees a comprehensive portfolio of scholarship funds serving students throughout Waukesha County and beyond. Some of these funds are held and administered directly by WCCF, meaning we oversee the entire process from scholarship application launch to awardee selection and payment. Many other funds sit under the umbrellas of our partner education and scholarship foundations. Decisions about the scholarships administered out of these funds are made by the foundations themselves, and WCCF’s involvement from an administrative standpoint varies. For some organizations, we simply handle the scholarship payment process, while for others we host the application process on our online scholarship platform and manage the entire process. Finally, we have a number of funds that are held directly by WCCF, but the scholarship process is managed by the fund advisors under our guidance but with limited direct involvement.


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Support Waukesha County Students

Donate to a Scholarship Fund

When you contribute to a scholarship fund, you are investing in a student’s educational journey and future success. 

Visit our donation portal by clicking below to browse scholarship funds. Do you already have a specific scholarship in mind? Utilize the search bar to search for funds by name.

Create a Scholarship Fund

Establishing a scholarship fund creates educational opportunity for students in our community. Whether it’s to honor or memorialize a loved one, to recognize a specific academic institution, or to support a particular field of study we can help create a fund that matches your philanthropic goals. To learn more about opening a scholarship fund contact us today.