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Schedule of Standard Fees

The Waukesha County Community Foundation (WCCF) applies an administrative fee to each fund, which supports the bookkeeping and auditing of each fund, as well as staff time devoted to investment oversight, making grants, acknowledging contributions and exercising the required due diligence over grants to nonprofits or scholarship recipients.

With support from these administrative fees and direct gifts for operations, the WCCF can respond to community needs, convene organizations around important issues, track community trends and serve as a conduit to bring new charitable resources to the county.

In this sense, fees are more than simple charges for the delivery of professional services associated with funds; they are an important contribution to the community itself.

The fees stated are the annual fees; fees are charged to the fund quarterly based on the average fair market value of assets. Occasional expenses directly attributable to a particular fund, such as legal fees and awards, are charged directly to a fund. Please note, additional fees may apply to funds or gifts requiring special handling.

Type of FundAnnual Fee
Organization Endowment Funds
Donor Advised Fund
1% on first $1 million in market value
.8% on next $3 million in market value
.3% on balances over $4 million in value
Donor Designated Funds1%
Field of Interest Funds1%
Unrestricted Funds1%
Artesian Funds1%
Endowed Scholarship Funds1%
Pass-Through Scholarship Funds2% on gifts
Project Funds2% on gifts

For additional information or specific inquiries, please contact the Foundation at 262-513-1861.